About Us

History of our company

There was once an experienced professional sales by heart who envisioned putting up her own S.I company with her experiences and skills all her 17 years in the corporate industry, three of her friends who are also experienced in their field of professions partnered with one goal. As of to date, the organization already built a solid reputation as a provider of ICT Solutions to well-known industries such as hospitality and telco companies.

Company Description

Fix n IT Design Solutions Company provides the viaduct for old and new technology. Our core solutions and services provide you the bridge from the past, present and next generations on tech.

Our Vision
To be the leading Information and Communication Technology (ICT) service provider in the field of customized software development, communications, security and network infrastructure.

Our goal is to deliver not just solutions, but with superior design, project management and exceptional support.

We envision Fix n IT Design Solutions Co to be innovative solutions provider of growing companies demanding a more responsive, reliable and a trustworthy partner to their needs.
Our Mission
To serve the needs of client in giving them affluence choices of ICT products with bes competitive offers and deliver a total customer satisfaction and a guaranteed service.

Provide the market with superior ICT services and solutions. Our mission is to be the partner of choice for delivering these ICT services across our chosen enterprise markets. FID Solutions aims to be a major player in the field of software development, network, communications and security infrastructure.

Team Member